Is Preacher on Hulu ?


American TV Series based on Comic book.

Release Date

22 May 2016

No. of Season


No. of Eposides



Drama, Horror, Action

Preacher, formerly, as a DC comic series was converted into a show with the same name featuring Dominic Cooper as the main protagonist. The show was received well by the audience in the beginning. However, the show failed to engage its viewers along the way and turned into rather “unpreached” for audience.

The first season of the show received positive critical reviews with a rating of 89% from Rotten Tomatoes. The critical reviews of the series showed an upper graph with every season. However, it was not met up to the mark for the general audience. An after show “Talking Preacher” was introduced later which featured the guests discussing the episodes of the show. It was a live talkshow hosted by Hardwick.

When was it released and where was it broadcasted first?

The show first aired on 22nd May 2016 on AMC. Three seasons of the show were consecutively launched from then till the year 2018.

Is Preacher available on Hulu?

Yes, despite being not so popular show it is streamed on Hulu. It is also available on Amazon Prime. Netflix is yet to buy the contract with the show.

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