Is Seinfeld on Hulu?


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Seinfeld is an American television series. It features the life of Jarry Seinfeld and his acquaintances, including his best friend George Costanza and his ex girlfriend Elaine Benes. The show typically portrays the miniature of daily life.

Seinfeld is one of the most appreciated and watched television series. It has been placed among the best television shows of all times in Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone and the TV Guide. It has also won an Emmy, Golden Globe Awards and Screen Actors Guild Awards in 1995, 1997 and 1998 respectively. It has also been ranked as the second best television shows by the TV Guide.

When was it released and where was it broadcasted?

Seinfeld was first released on 5th June 1989 on NBC. Total nine seasons of the show have been out yet.

Which show is similar to Seinfeld?

A show very similar to Seinfeld is “Curb Your Enthusiasm”.

Is Seinfeld on Hulu?

Yes, Seinfeld is available on Hulu. However, it cannot be streamed on Netflix and Amazon Prime.

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